Tips for choosing wall color according to rooms !

There are many ways to create a spring mood at home. One is house paint restoration, and at the same time, one of the first plans of those who move into their new homes in the spring is to change the colors of the walls to their tastes . .

With spring, it's time to paint the houses. Deciding which paint color to use in any room is more difficult than deciding which paint to use.

A little calm, a little cheerful color for the living room

You can use calmer tones in the living room, which we use for various purposes such as chatting, entertainment and relaxation. A calm tone like ivory and champagne can accompany a lively décor with furniture and accessories in the living room. You can also paint one wall larger than the living room in a different and distinctive color. For example, you can consider combining it with orange to give it a retro look.

What warm color do you buy for the kitchen ?

The kitchen is one of the dynamic areas in the house...Colors like orange and red can stimulate dynamism in kitchens because of their appetite-inducing effect.

Violet Nursery

Purple color sparks imagination and creativity. It is also very suitable for children's room as it is the color of positive energy. As a different option, you can also include shades of yellow that enhance the feeling of work.

Green or blue for the bedroom

Green is known for its calming effect. For this reason, you can use green in your bedroom for a peaceful sleep... Sea blue is also a good idea for the bedroom with its ability to slow down the heartbeat, as well as feeling confident and timeless


The feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom

Colors such as blue and beige, which give a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom, will look elegant. Or you can choose a pastel color that you can combine with white .

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